It's certainly been a cold start to the new year, but just imagine getting into water in these temperatures.

"The water is cold. It's very cold and when you think it's cold and you get in, you realize it's real cold," said Darren Suggs.

Braving the frigid waters, Darren Suggs is one of several people who goes out to Lake Tobesofkee each year to celebrate New Year's Day on the water.

He says he's never missed one of these celebrations, but the cooler temperatures did prevent some from coming out this year.

"Today is challenging. We're already a few skiers down. There's a couple who have already called in and said they couldn't make it today," Suggs said.

Greg Schultz, however, was there and has been there since 1985.

He was the first to hit the water this first Monday of 2018.

"I came off the dock, and then I got them to sling me in here to the shore and didn't get wet," Schultz said.

It was a feat not all were able to pull off.

Alex McWhorter was one of the 8 people that attempted to all get up at the same time, but she didn't quite make it and really got an idea of what the water felt like.

"It was chilly, it was cold," McWhorter said. "Because I fell on the start. If I would've made it up, it was a little crowded for wake boarders and I went under another rider and if I didn't do that and I actually got to ride, it might've been worth it."

But it was worth it in the end for the comradery these friends shared.

"Whatever you do on New Year's Day, you'll be doing for the rest of the year, so we go skiing on New Year's Day," Schultz said. "I just think we're dedicated to our sport and it's a lot of fun."