The Department of Transportation says they're on track with the I-16 / I-75 interchange project.

Spokesperson Kimberly Larson says crews are hitting a milestone in construction as they close the I-16E on-ramp at Spring Street.

She says state crews are right on schedule with Phase 1 and Phase 1 B of the interchange project.

“Everything is going smoothly,” said Larson. “Right now we have three different project managers just from the Georgia Department of Transportation that are overseeing those phases.”


Crews in the Pleasant Hill community are pouring concrete on the open drain near Second Ave and Fourth Ave.

“Pretty soon they should start some irrigation in that area as well,” said Larson.

If you're driving near MLK Boulevard this week, you'll see crews laying pavement on the on and off ramps on I-16, but the biggest change you'll see this week is on Spring Street.

Starting Monday night, the I-16 East on ramp will be shut down permanently. “Spring Street of course is going to have the most impact. That's a milestone for us,” said Larson.

Larson says the state is aware of the delays that will happen with the closure, but closing the ramp is the best way to keep crews safe at work.

“They have to shut that down so that they can get in there and add new culverts, drainage, and all of that will be built in where the ramp is now,” said Larson.


Even though the new closure may slow down your daily commute, Larson says it will not delay this construction project.

Kimberly Larson says starting next week, crews will start clearing land as they get ready to begin Phase 2 and Phase 3.

Construction will start on the interchange near Hardeman Avenue.


The ramp will officially be closed at 9 p.m. Monday.

You will have to take Emery Highway to Coliseum Drive to MLK Boulevard. That route will get you back to I-16E.