In June, the Bibb County Board of Commissioners voted not to renew the alcohol license for the Super Gas convenience store in west Macon.

But Monday afternoon at a public hearing requested by the store's owner, his lawyer argued that the he should still be able to sell the libations.

The controversy began in May, when Bibb County Sheriff David Davis wrote a letter to the commissioners saying Super Gas, also known as M and M, has been a "magnet for mischief in the neighborhood."

In the letter, Davis says the Bibb County Sheriff's Office responded to the store 144 times over the last year for a variety of reasons.

Davis said it would be hard for him to recommend that the store receive an alcohol license, but would be willing to recommend it if the store increased its security.

At Monday's hearing, the lawyer said the owner of M and M had taken measures to try and stop crimes from being committed outside his store.

But Davis said he felt there had not been much improvement over the last few months.

After the hearing, the commissioners unanimously adopted a motion 8-0 to still deny the store an alcohol license.

"For me, I heard nothing that made me want to sway my opinion," said Commissioner Virgil Watkins. "From what I can understand there has been little to no improvement."

The commissioners will adopt the final resolution of that motion Tuesday night at their weekly meeting.

During the hearing Monday, Davis said he also thinks this is the first convenience store that has been denied an alcohol license since the government consolidation in 2014.