Several Bibb commissioners did not approve renewing an alcohol license for a west Macon store.

Now, Commissioner Al Tillman says it could happen to other stores in the area.

Sheriff David Davis wrote a letter to commissioners saying Super Gas convenience store, also known as M and M, has been a "magnet for mischief in the neighborhood."

The sheriff's office has responded to numerous incidents at the store over the last two years, which is why commissioners did not approve the license.

Tillman says like M and M, he is seeing similar situations at the Reliance Food Mart off of Napier Road. The same store that was robbed after a group drove into the building on Thursday.

“You have to be mindful and vigilant that if these store owners are not going to cooperate and do what we need them to do, then we're not going to be voting to renew their licenses. They're all in jeopardy, so they all just need to be aware,” said Tillman.

Tillman says he always tries to give stores a second chance, but he says he did that with M and M and found that the best solution is to remove alcohol.

Ladarrien Wilson says he goes to the Reliance Food Mart every day and does not see a problem with the store selling alcohol.

“You never really see [that] beer and wine make you go out and do anything crazy. You got to be on crack or some other kind of drug. It’s a good store. Just cause the stuff that people do, they can’t get blamed for that. People are going to do what they do regardless,” said Wilson.

The owner of the reliance store, Nick Patel, would not go on camera, but he told us over the phone that he does not think the store has a crime problem.

We also reached out to the owner of the M and M store, but we did not hear back.