A woman says she heard the shots that killed Emmanuel Stroud Junior Saturday night, but this is not the first time she has heard gunshots around her home.

“I can’t even count because it’s been too many occasions over the years. It’s enough times to where something should have happened,” says Geneva Deloney.

Deloney's house backs up to county basketball courts. Sometimes she says she sees people playing basketball.

“Other times you hear arguments ensue fights ensue then gunshots,” says Deloney.

She says the gunshots do not always stay on the court.

“I go to check on my kids to make sure a bullet didn’t come through the house because I don’t have to hear it. If they’re in the bed asleep, I go in to make sure they're fine,” says Deloney.

Deloney says she has contacted the county to see about putting in a fence to go around the park, but she says she has not heard back.

“What I’m afraid that’s going to happen is a child’s going to get struck,” says Deloney.

But, overtime. Deloney says that fear has changed.

“I think I’ve gotten past fear and my fear has gone to anger. You know I’m angry because I think something could get done and it’s not being done,” says Deloney.

We reached out to Bibb Commissioner Scotty Shepherd who represents the area. He says he would love to help the area, but he says it is impossible for an officer to constantly patrol the area.