As Halloween Day creeps up on us, The Party Store in Warner Robins is stocked for a killer year.

From enchanting to just downright scary, whoever or whatever kids can imagine, they can become.

Manager Shanna Hutchinson says sometimes kids don't know where to start.

"From the weapons, the masks…even though they're adult masks. They'll go and play with those automatically, and the feather boas, they're just colorful,” said Hutchinson.

But which children’s costumes are flying off the shelves this year?

Hutchinson says this year one costume in particular may bring back some spooky movie memories.

"When IT came out that sparked a lot of interest in clowns. Between that and last year, we had a lot of interest in clowns,” said Hutchinson.

If that idea makes you frown, then don't fear, these costumes come to the rescue.

"Superheroes, it really is superheroes for the girls," Hutchinson continued, " boys are still into the scary stuff. They still like superheroes, but girls… pretty super heroes."

This next popular costume is sure to melt your heart.

"Kind of what's popular on television, like the kids’ Disney movies, or Nickelodeon," Hutchinson said.

So take your worries and let it go, we've got you covered on what's wickedly popular this Halloween.