Teacher's at K.B Sutton Elementary School may not be dreaming of a white Christmas, but they do have some things on their wish lists.

Teachers, like Sierra Love, are ready for Christmas.

"I've had my home decorated since Halloween, so please don't judge, but I get really excited about Christmas decorations,” said Love.

If you’re a parent looking for a gift for your child’s teacher, these are some things they're wishing for…

In some cases, all they want for Christmas is glue.

"We can always use glue sticks, I never have [enough] glue sticks for kindergarten," Misty Sparks said.

"I was going to say a self-cleaning house but no parent can really get me that can they," said teacher Laurie Parks, "so I'd say something fun for my class: books or crayons.”

Teachers also are wishing for things that can't be put under a tree.

"I teach Kindergarten, so I just want a nap," Sparks said.

"Some rest, a couple of lazy days," Love said.

Come this time next week, their wishes will be granted.

Winter break will be in full swing and principal Becky Brown says it's a break the school deserves.

"We have great community involvement here at K.B. Sutton, we just wish that everyone has a happy and safe holiday season,” said Brown.