Many viewers called, emailed, and Facebook messaged us questions about the curfew.

We spoke to Warner Robins Police Public Information Officer Jennifer Parson to find out.

Q: Why was a curfew issued?

A: Our main concern right is over 37,000 people in Warner Robins are without power. That leaves several intersections – a lot of main, busy intersections – without working traffic signals. We simply don’t have the manpower to man every single intersection in the city of Warner Robins. For the safety of the people of Warner Robins and our officers, we want to implement this curfew.

Q: What if I have to go to work or evacuate my home?

A: If you are doing legitimate business, say you’re going to or from work, leaving or going to a place of safety, if you’re a first responder or have an emergency this does not apply to you.

Q: What will happen during the curfew?

A: With the weather and the continued winds, safety crews can’t get there to fix the problem. What we’re worried about is once the sun goes down… what are we going to be left with, with people trying to travel in different places. It could be pitch black outside. We want to avoid any sort of danger. If we can foresee that, we want to prevent that from happening.


Q: What happens if I don’t have a legitimate reason to be out?

A: We’ve gotten a lot of questions on our social media pages. What are the repercussions if we don’t follow this curfew? What I can tell you is (in Warner Robins municipal code), the police have the authority to issue a citation or arrest those that don’t follow the ordinance.

Q: Is there anything else you want people to know?

A: This isn’t to prevent people from making a living or to make your lives harder. It’s really for the safety of others and to let them know we don’t have working tragic signals. It could be complete chaos if we don’t have those signals in place.

We’re working as a team. All of the first responders, as well as all the power employees, we’re working together as quickly and safely as possible to get everyone back up and running as normal.