The annual Chitlin' Hoedown will be held in downtown Yatesville on Saturday.

The first question that may come from some: what is a chitterling?

Well, it is a hog intestine, according to Cecil Moncrief, who is a former Mayor of Yatesville, Georgia.

He says each year at the festival, he fries the chitlins and there are others who boil them.

"We get them from Lord's Packing out of Dexter, Georgia and their pre-cleaned, pre-cooked," Moncrief explained. "We get them, we boil them and we sell them boiled or fried."

Aside from the chitlins, there will be other offerings like chicken, baked beans and coleslaw among other meals.

"We have cakes, pies, cookies, candy...," said this year's director for the festival, Sarah Watts.

Watts says there will be a parade that begins at 1:00 p.m. that will last about 45 minutes. This year's special parade guest will be an elephant.

There will also be about 70 vendors at the festival selling products from pork skins to hand-made jewelry at prices of their choice. The festival also offers arts, crafts and live entertainment.

The festival is held in downtown Yatesville right in front of city hall and the post office.