Macon has many different neighborhoods, each with it's own feel and culture. Now, those neighborhoods have their own scent.

Creter's gift shop on Ingleside Avenue is selling soy-based candles with different scents, representing neighborhoods throughout Macon. It's a great way to show your neighborhood pride or welcome a new neighbor to town. There's also a pink ribboned candle for the Cherry Blossom Festival.

Creter's wants each candle to remind you of the street you call home.

"So, for instance, we have Wesleyan and Shirley Hills. When you think of those neighborhoods, you think of older homes with lots of flowers and trees, so those have got a little more floral fragrance to them. We did a downtown fragrance which is one of our most popular. It's got more of an urban, kind of masculine, fun, younger, hip scent, I would say."

What scent should your neighborhood be?

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