Tails are wagging and cats are purring for National Pet Day.

Nicole Butler went out to an animal shelter in Perry to take a look at how to adopt a furry friend.

Angie Reed is the Senior Animal Control Officer for the Perry Police Department, and says she loves working with animals having more than a handful of her own, including cows, horses, chickens, and six dogs, treating all of them like family as best she can.

"It's kind of hard bringing a cow or horse inside, though," Reed says.

Reed says some of her dogs were adopted, and she loves being able to find dogs homes to call their own.

At the Perry Animal Control Shelter, when they take an animal in, they wait seven days to give the owner time to come and reclaim their pet.

All the animals up for adoption come with all vaccinations, are spayed or neutered, and even microchipped.

Cats are $100 and dogs are $150.

Reed says the cost of a pet is worth the investment of getting a loving companion in return.

"There's nothing like working all day and coming home to somebody who is really happy to see you," Reed says.

Reed says the bonds you form with your animal are ones you cherish forever, and veterinarian John Henke couldn't agree more.

"Well, I mean that's unconditional love. I mean, when you show up at the end of the day and your pet is there to greet you, that's a pretty special thing, and the bonds we develop with those, it's kind of like having children," Henke says.

And just like children, your pets need their checkups.

An annual checkup at Houston Lake Animal Hospital averages around $170, and according to American Pet Products, in 2017, the average pet owner will spend about $235 a year on food for them.

So as the numbers start to add up, Reed wants to give a warning.

"Kittens and puppies do grow up to be cats and dogs, and if you're going to adopt an animal, please, please take care of it. Just always always take care of it and treat it like a member of your family," she says.

Reed says they want to make sure these animals get the best home possible.

So if you adopt an animal and there are any complications, they always take the animals back.