Whenever severe weather happens, it's your county Emergency Management director who works overtime to respond to situations and clean up afterward.

Suzanne Lawler caught up with the EMA directors in Central Georgia's easternmost counties where the focus is on providing shelter for Hurricane Matthew evacuees.

Wheeler and Telfair counties sit under a tropical storm warning. The two areas that sit south of Eastman say they're ready.

EMA director Lee Conner has a lot on his plate. This church shelter and others like it around town have housed 75 people over the last 24 hours or so, but some have opted for harsher surroundings.

"Having cats and dogs is a major issue at this time. Telfair County has no way to do that," said Conner.

Conner has a slew of volunteers, many who will stay up Friday night, riding out the winds and rain.

Conner said, "The number one issue is housing the people that keep influxing to Telfair County and trying to make sure we have space for them. They've come 160 miles, been in traffic 4-5 hours, and they're just tired and they don't want to go any further."

In Wheeler County, Steve Adams has plenty of equipment on hand, including a trailer full of drinking water.

"We got work lights we can hook up to the generators, do whatever we need to do. Beyond that, just checking equipment using generator," said Adams.

The veteran EMA guy says Matthew could provide some relief in a county that's seen a pretty parched summer.

Adams said, "We're very dry in this area we need the rain. I just don't want to have the bad weather, but we have to take what comes."