Gordon's mayor has agreed to pay a $100 fine for failing to list her late husband's property on financial statements filed with the state.

Mayor Mary Ann Whipple Lue signed a consent-order agreement on the case June 2, according to a document obtained from the state Government Transparency and Campaign Finance Commission.

The commission this week took up a complaint filed by Alicia Floyd of Gordon against Whipple Lue two years ago.

Floyd filed the complaint after the death of Whipple Lue's husband, Basil Lue.

He owned property in Jonesboro, Clayton County, but the mayor failed to note that on personal financial disclosure forms filed with the state starting in 2013.

By signing the agreement, Whipple Lue agreed that she'd violated state law and waived her right to appeal the matter.

We could not reach Whipple Lue for comment.