If she were a liberal or moderate commentator, a Texas man of the year nomination would be enough to have Ann Coulter calling for a wall to be built around the entire Lone Star state.

But Coulter isn't liberal or moderate. She's a social and political commentator whose conservative views blend well with those of alt-right white supremacist Richard Spencer.

For the most part, Coulter supports President Trump and the way he's doing his job. But her support wans when it comes to Trump's campaign promise to build a wall along the border between the United States and Mexico.

She posts a daily tweet on the proposed wall that Coulter believes could end most of the nation's immigration problems.

"Today's border wall construction update," Coulter tweets. "Miles completed yesterday, zero. Miles completed since inauguration - zero. Next update tomorrow."

Now comes The Dallas Morning News and its controversial nomination of Spencer for its 2017 Texan of the Year award.

Although born in Boston and now living in Virginia, Spencer grew up in Dallas. That residency makes him eligible for the award.

Among other alt-right undertakings, Spencer serves as president of the National Policy Institute, a white supremacist organization that keeps itself busy conjuring up ideas and slogans to promote its racist agenda. He's also co-editor of Altright.com.

Spencer was also a featured speaker at last fall's United to the Right gathering in Charlottesville, Va. That rally resulted in three deaths and other injuries when white supremacist clashed with counter-demonstrators.

In October, students shouted Spencer down when he visited the University of Florida to deliver a speech. "Say it loud! Say it clear! Nazis are not welcome here," students chanted. They also yelled "Go home racist."

The Dallas Morning News is a daily newspaper that has about 275,000 subscribers in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

In announcing Spencer's nomination, the newspaper's editors wrote that the Spencer selection wasn't a reward but instead was a "recognition of those Texans who had uncommon impact, which can be a positive or negative impact during the last year."

The editors also said they didn't like Spencer but put him in the running for the award because of his "noxious influence on American politics and racial violence."

If that's a major criteria for choosing the 2017 Texas Man of the Year award, the newspaper tapped a heavyweight candidate for the recognition.

The winner of the award will be announced later. If Spencer should receive the honor, it won't be the first time a controversial racist figure has been selected for a prestigious award.

In 1938, Time magazine named Adolph Hitler as its Man of the Year.