Thursday, flags around Central Georgia were lowered to half staff, and throughout the day the question of why began to pour into our newsroom.

"I have no idea," says Roy Grenadee.

"I haven't actually seen any flags at half staff today," says Walinda Maynard. 

"I actually saw on Facebook earlier today that John Glenn was laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetery," says Nich Shackleford. 

The last answer was correct. 

John Glenn was the first American astronaut to orbit the earth in 1962.

He was also a member of the original Mercury 7 NASA astronauts, a fighter pilot in World War II, and perhaps most memorably to some, a 4-term senator for the State of Ohio. 

Thursday morning, Glenn was buried in the presence of family and friends at Arlington National Cemetery. 

Also remembered as a son, husband, and father,  the "American Hero" was honored with flags at half staff on Thursday everywhere from Macon, Georgia to Washington D.C. 

Glenn died on December 8th at the age of 95.