It's time to put on your ten gallon hat and mark your calendars for next weekend October 7th. There is a new rodeo outfit in Wilkinson County and one couple is ready to call the small town of Ivey home for years to come.

Glenn and Karen Kessler are transplants to Central Georgia.

"My husband and I moved from Virginia," Karen stated.

They herded up their stuff and found a place on Country Club Road. It may sound strange since these are rodeo folks.

"We bought an old golf course which, if you think about it, it's 90 percent open, and it had everything here with the exception of the fencing," Karen said with a smile.

"When we moved here, I fell in love with it because, if you see the view behind me, and when the cattle lay up under the tree, it just makes a beautiful place to raise cattle and have rodeos," Glenn said.

After a year of building a ring, painting the red gates, and planning everything out, the Kesslers are planning a Wild West show.

"It's just like in the Old West when they roped cattle, so it's a way to control your cattle and control them and now it's a team sport," Karen said.

The cows are pretty benign, but the pair plans to bring in some feistier animals for more mature cowboys to tackle.

"We will also have some amazing broncs, so there will be some bronc riding," Karen explained. "These horses are bred to buck and they are larg,e usually of a Clydesdale breed, large animals and they are amazing to watch."

"One day, somebody said, 'Hey, I can ride better than you and I can ride a rancor horse than you,' so they turned it into a sport," Glenn said.

"And the crowd wants to see one of two things -- they want to see a great ride or a great wreck, so hopefully we will provide both, "Karen surmised.

It's a formula to lasso in anyone with a country bone in their body.

Besides bucking broncs, the Kesslers say they will also have mounted shooting that will pit folks from Georgia against cowboys and cowgirls from Florida.

The show is October 7th at 6 p.m.

It will cost you $12 to get in the door, a little less for children.

They will have stands by the ring, but there will also be an area for lawn chairs.

The address is 100 Country Club Road in Ivey.