Wilkinson County Schools were put on lockdown for a little over an hour on Wednesday.

The Wilkinson County School System got word that there was a possible external threat to one of its staff members, according to a Wilkinson County Board of Education news release.

Wilkinson County Sheriff Richard Chatman says he received a call around 10:30 Wednesday morning about an alleged threat made to a teacher at Wilkinson County Primary School and her family.

The school system was then placed on lockdown until law enforcement confirmed that there was no threat to the school, staff, or students.

Sheriff Chatman wouldn't describe the threat, but said that they took precautionary methods including blocking off all of the entrances to the school.

"We had identification of the vehicle that the person that made the alleged threats was driving so they we're stationed in a position as to where that vehicle came on campus or not. They can actually see. in the meantime investigators and myself, we went and made contact with that particular individual," says Chatman.

Superintendent, Aaron Geter Jr., says once everything was under control, they sent out calls notifying parents at around 12:30 p.m.

"Today we didn't have any active shooter any type situation within the building; It was all external," says Geter. "So, fortunately, everything went well and all of the kids are safe and back to normal as far as the school is concerned."

Sheriff Chatman says they've identified the person who made the threat, but so far no charges have been filed.

School has returned to normal procedures and all staff and students are reported to be safe.