After a physicians group urged Navicent Health to consider breaking their lease with McDonald's, a Navicent rep says they are "considering all of their options."

Earlier this month, a registered dietician with The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine wrote a letter to the Macon-Bibb County Health Department, urging them to cut ties with fast food restaurants inside the hospital.

Monday night, PCRM attorney Leslie Rudloff presented the letter to the Bibb County Board of Health at a public meeting.

"If McDonald's did leave that space, we're asking that you consider replacing it with healthier options," says Rudloff. "We focus on preventative medicine through a plant based diet."

The group wants Navicent to break their lease with McDonald's, and promote a fast food-free hospital.

Anita Barkin, with the Department of Public Health, says the letter from PCRM asked the them to put a public statement on their website indicating that they are not in support of the McDonalds.

"It's really not within our jurisdiction to tell Navicent what type of food they should be offering at the Medical Center," says Barkin.

Barkin recommended to the Board of Health that the health department talk to Navicent about having more healthy options inside the hospital.

Board members didn't vote on the issue Monday night, because there weren't enough members present to vote.

But Tim Slocum with Navicent Health says the medical center is looking forward to having that conversation.

"We're all concerned with improving the health of our community, and certainly diet is one of those, so we're considering all of our options at this point," says Slocum.

The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine was founded in 1985 and claims 150,000 members worldwide.

According to The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine's website, their top priorities include ending the use of animals for medical testing, but they also work to promote healthy diets and lifestyles.