BRYAN, Texas - Fall leaves are arriving in the Brazos Valley just in time for an arctic blast.

"In the winter if you travel, you've got extreme conditions," said Pete Kountakis, owner of Pete's Auto Care Center. "You don't want to have your car break down and you get stuck."

With the dropping temperatures, you'll likely notice dropping tires.

"Every five degrees of temperature, you're losing one pound of pressure," said Kountakis.

Low tire pressure creates more work for your vehicle and could lead to safety issues. That's why when the temperatures drop, it's a good idea to add more air.

Oil also plays a role in keeping things running smooth this winter.

"If the oil is cold, the viscosity is low, and the cold weather makes the oil flow very slow in your engine," said Kountakis. "So when you first start your car, you're not going to get the lubrication you need."

You should also keep an air pump and a blanket in your vehicle just in case.

It's also a good idea to not leave your car running if you're not near it because it could get stolen. Also, keep valuables out of sight.