A woman was shot just after midnight Monday on Crestwood Terrace in Warner Robins.

Officers arrived on the scene and were told the front of the house was shot up, according to Warner Robins Assistant Police Chief, John Wagner. It was reported that a vehicle then fled the scene after the shooting.

"There were several shots that were fired at the home. We feel like they were a smaller caliber weapon that was used in the crime, and we don't necessary think that there was a drive-by," says Wagner.

Crime scene investigators were at the scene earlier Monday collecting information.

"They're out there collecting physical evidence, taking photos," says Wagner. "The event happened at nighttime, so now you have natural light outside. It makes it easier for them to work, but we're just out there putting little placards out there for each physical evidence that they're able to find, whether it's shells, blood drops, glass," says Wagner.

A 40-year-old woman who was inside the house said she was shot and drove herself to the hospital, according to Wagner.

She was treated for non-life-threatening wounds at Houston Medical Center.

Anyone with information is urged to call the Warner Robins Police Department at 478-302-5378.