A woman in Macon is painting and hiding rocks. She posts hints on her "Macon GA Rocks" Facebook page for people to find them. Cheryl Stratigos has painted and hid over 50 rocks in Macon.

Stratigos said, “I mean, this makes parents get out with the children and go hide the rocks instead of the kids staying home all day and playing videogames.”

She buys her rocks at places like the dollar store or Home Depot. People can paint and hide their own rocks and post hints on her Facebook page. Don’t hide rocks inside businesses without permission.

Stratigos said she was inspired by Megan Murphy, creator of the Kindness Rocks Project, who places rocks with inspirational messages on them around her neighborhood. In downtown Macon, rocks are hidden under trees, benches, tables, and in selected stores.

Stratigos said, “Get your family involved, your friends, spread the word, and have fun at it, make other people smile when they find a rock.”