Some of the people who survived taking those potentially-lethal street pills are now back home from the hospital. WMAZ spoke off camera to one woman who says she is lucky to be alive.

Betty Jean Collins told WMAZ off camera that she was one of the people who took those deadly yellow pills she bought off the street labeled “Percocet.” Collins did not want to show her face on camera since she says those selling these drugs have not been arrested yet.

Collins said Thursday that she and her husband, 69-year-old Henry Howard, had taken the pills Monday.
She says she had undergone open heart surgery and needed the pills to ease the pain, so Collins says they turned to the street to buy them.

That is when she says she just saw her husband lying there next to her very still. She said, "He was lying on the bed next to me like he was dying," Collins says after that she also became ill. She says she was released from the hospital Wednesday morning around 3 a.m.

Collins says her chest still burned and she could still taste the pills in her mouth after coming back from the hospital. She says although she is alive, her legs hurt and her face is swollen, but she says she thanks God she is still alive to tell her story.

Collins says she just hopes the people who sold those counterfeit pills to she and her husband will be arrested soon. She says she cannot believe they would sell these pills meant to hurt people.

Lieutenant Gonzalez with the Macon-Bibb Sheriff’s Office says they are still investigating the leads they have.