In 1908, a gallon of milk was 32 cents. The song “take me out to the ball game” just got a copyright and in Rosslyn, Va. a Baptist Deacon welcomed the last of his 10 children.

On May 1st, that baby turned 109 years young.

Viola Graham is a former housekeeper. She was married in her twenty’s to Robert Graham and they had one daughter, named Viola, of course.

They share a home in Arlington with Viola’s grandson.

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“She goes to bed at midnight,” said her daughter. “Just because you’re 109 years old doesn’t mean you can’t stay up. Her mind is still sharp so we stay up and talk about her brothers and sisters.”

Miss Viola stays busy; walking laps around the house, setting the dinner table, and making the bed. When she’s sitting you can catch her reading her favorite romance novel.

“I feel good,” she said about turning 109.

She said prayer got her through the hardships in life, but she never thought she would live this long.

“I’m just lucky, I guess,” she said.

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Lucky and healthy! Miss Viola takes no medicine, besides the occasional Tylenol. Even doctors are amazed at how young her heart is.

“The way she going, she’ll be here another 10 years," said her daughter. “I’ll be in a wheelchair and she’ll be taking care of me!”

Viola does have good genes. Her father lived until 89 and her mother unitl 101.

Her motto in life: “A little of this, a little of that, laugh a lot, and mind your business.”