About a dozen members of the Leadership Macon meet every two weeks to bridge a trail.

Along with the Macon Water Authority, they hope to create a trail from Riverside Cemetery all the way up to Amerson River Park.

On Saturday morning, a group of men cut down trees using chainsaws and sent some trees in through the chipper.

Mindy Attaway, a member of Leadership Macon, says they plan to complete the two or three overlooks and a two-mile trail by mid-November.

“We're doing the South Loop and so we are creating this trail,” said Attaway. “As you can see, the guys behind us were clearing out overlook. Just trying to make this a more pleasant place for people to come and ride, and bike, and enjoy Macon, and enjoy the outdoors, and a place for them to go and enjoy life.”

The group is close to reaching their goal of $95,000 to complete this project..

People who donate $100 dollars will receive a brick with their name and additional information on it.

Those bricks will be placed throughout the trail. If you would like to donate, click here.