A Macon teenager is now charged with murdering 16-year-old Jayvon Sherman.

Wednesday, investigators arrested 19-year-old Wesley Jamison Holt in Sherman's death.

The shooting happened two weeks ago to this day on the corner of Beech and Pio Nono Avenue near the former Winship School.

According to Sheriff David Davis, Holt was known to Investigators and was arrested in the past for burglaries and other property crimes and was released from jail in July.

According to the Sheriff's Office, Holt shot Sherman once in the chest after trying to rob him. His great aunt, Elsie Nixon, says she just can't get over his death.

"You took his life. For what? I want to know why," says Nixon.

Nixon says Sherman moved from Charlotte, North Carolina to Macon to be closer to his father, Joseph Sherman, and is trying to figure how guns are getting into the hands of young people.

"No conscience, that you can just gun down an innocent 16-year-old and walk away like you stepped on a bug," says Nixon.

Wesley Holt, 19, is charged with murder in the death of 16-year-old Jayvon Sherman.

She says Sherman was an average 16-year-old. He enjoyed playing his video games, going to school, volunteering, and making people laugh.

She said that she has lived in Macon for 22 years but never saw crime like what it is now.

"You didn't take his phone, you didn't take his shoes, but you left my baby laying in the street to die, and I want to know why. Why are these kids out here killing kids?" says Nixon. "When is enough going to be enough?"

"We were able to get enough of the break to know that Wesley Holt is the one that we believe pulled the trigger," says Bibb County Sheriff David Davis.

He says one tipster helped them break the case and mentioned that Holt was well-known to investigators. He was arrested four times dating back to 2015.

"His past crimes has been burglary, property crimes, and he had a criminal attempt to commit burglary," says Davis.

Balloons from the memorial might be deflated and flowers withering, but the memory of Sherman's life will live on in the hearts of those who loved him.

"He may not have meant anything to anybody else, but he meant the world to me," says Nixon.

Sherman's aunt said that she's glad they made the arrest, but she says the family just wants closure on how something so senseless can happen.

Holt appeared before a Bibb County magistrate judge Thursday and was denied bond. He remains in jail.