It's been a trying few weeks for long-time Atlanta sportscaster Mark Harmon.

In December, the GPB sports broadcaster lost his job with the station after budget cuts slashed their sports department and has been trying to find work since. Before that, Harmon's wife Margaret fell extremely ill, keeping her from being able to work.

The most recent setback, though, came this past weekend when the Harmons lost everything -- including their dog Buddy -- in an accidental fire destroyed their home. Firefighters later determined the cause of the fire was due to careless smoking.

"They are heartbroken. They have their car, the clothes they were wearing that day, their commitment to each other and their faith. That’s it.

Harmon's friends and family have since set up a Gofundme page to help raise $30,000 and help Mark and Margaret "get back on their feet."

The couple are "determined to recover from this loss," the page says, and they have been relying on their church community for strength.

Harmon has been working in and covering sports in Atlanta for decades. Since 1992, he's covered the Olympics, several World Series, Super Bowls, Masters, PGA Championships and countless more.