Hundreds of Hurricane Matthew evacuees passed through Central Georgia last week, and one of them may have left a very sentimental item in a Macon restaurant.

"It seems to be a male wedding ring, it's silver with little stripes and indentions on it," says Carrabba's Italian Grill waitress, Jennifer Mucher.

Mucher has been a server at the Carrabba's off Arkwright Road in Macon for almost two years and she says Sunday night the restaurant became unusually busy.

"We had all the people that were trying to escape the hurricane," says Mucher.

"It was hectic. The majority of people that came in were evacuees. I'd say over 75 percent," says another Carrabba's server, Tony Jackson.

Mucher says that almost all of the parties that she sat at this booth on Sunday were Hurricane Matthew evacuees, and she thinks this ring might belong to one of them.

"They were having a bad enough week... you have to leave your home and then you lose your wedding band too... I would be devastated," says Mucher.

Mucher says she just wants to help find the person that the ring belongs to. She posted about the ring on Facebook and its received hundreds of shares since Sunday night.

"I don't know who it was, it could've been anybody all day," says Mucher.

If this ring belongs to you or someone you know, you can call the Carrabba's off Arkwright Road in Macon at 478-474-5115.