A Youngstown State University student is accused of attempting to have sex with someone he believed to be a teen boy.

Albert Maruna, 22, of Orwell, was arrested Tuesday at a location where he believed he was meeting a boy for sex. Instead, he was met by police amid an undercover operation, according to WFMJ.

WFMJ reports that Maruna had been in contact with an undercover officer he believed was a 15-year-old boy through a dating app. Police say Maruna contacted the undercover officer on Dec. 5.

Maruna allegedly sent numerous nude photos of himself to the undercover officer, who said on several occasions that he was only 15 years old.

When the two agreed to meet Tuesday, Maruna said he'd bring chicken Alfredo, Sprite and lubrication, according to police.

When Maruna was taken into custody, police found an iPhone, a MacBook, three jump drives, Vaseline lotion, Astroglide lubrication, two bottles of Sprite and some chicken Alfredo in a Tupperware container, WFMJ reports.

Police say Maruna admitted he had sent the nude photos and had intentions of having sex with a teen boy. Officers also found sexually graphic conversations and photos on Maruna's phone with others. Police are working to determine the ages of those involved in those conversations.

Maruna is charged with attempted unlawful sexual contact with a minor, disseminating matter harmful to juveniles, possessing criminal tools and importuning.