Companies like UPS and FedEX are hiring thousands of seasonal workers in metro Atlanta, but there are just as many permanent jobs available in logistics and manufacturing.

According to Atlanta-based Randstad US, metro Atlanta employers have as many as 5,000 manufacturing positions open and 3,000 positions in logistics right now.

Hot jobs include forklift operators, general warehouse workers and inventory control.

"If you look at leadership positions like shipping supervisor or operations manager, those typically require degrees," said Greg Dyer, president of Randstad General Staffing. "But most of those jobs we're talking about require high school diplomas and some experience to get your foot in the door."

Entry-level positions pay between $9 and $12 an hour.

For more skilled positions, like maintenance mechanics, companies will pay $25 an hour or more.

Dyer said growing demand for American-made products is driving demand for manufacturing jobs.

The growth in online shopping is what's behind all the new logistics jobs, Dyer added.