There are blogs out there for just about everything, right? News, sports, entertainment and all kinds of hobbies, but what about for busy moms?

Often when moms are up in the middle of the night feeding their babies, it’s something many decide could be an answer to help pass time. Those who really get into it, find a huge community to share the ups and downs of motherhood, not to mention, some mommy bloggers are making some big bucks doing it.

It’s a cool opportunity that didn’t exist for our parents 30 years ago.

“I’ve been blogging for many years,” said Jessa Plant of and “I was a craft blogger. I’ve done some baby stuff and I also am a food blogger.”

“I was a running blogger,” said Amy Jay of “I have, you know, my mommy tribe from all over the country.”

Four mommy bloggers shared their journey with 12 News.

“I started blogging when I was up nursing late at night,” said Ashley Sterusky of “Lifestyle, mom, beauty.”

“I own West Valley moms blog,” said Rachel Harding. “We just put together a splash pad guide.”

Some babies like Plant’s 5-month-old daughter Brecklen work alongside mom.

“She is such a good baby,” said Plant. “She’s a big helper.”

“I wear a baby carrier half the time,” she said.

Other moms like Amy Jay find their own time to work, while her 8-month-old Taylor sleeps.

“Three to four hour naps a day, so that’s my time,” said Jay.

“Usually a couple hours a night,” said Sterusky.

Mommy blogging might be a lot of fun at times, but it is a job and each blogger has goals like growing their following.

“Really the engagement and getting to know the people the people that follow you,” said Plant.

Sometimes, when they find the right advertisers or sponsors, it can actually help pay the bills.

“I was just recently approached today about a post. They offered $350 plus product,” Plant said.

Once in a while, moms can make a ton of money posting just one thing.

“Probably like a thousand for a post or a series of posts,” said Sterusky.

“A national sponsor might do something that’s like say $500 for a sponsored post, where a local company might be like a partial trade,” said Harding.

For moms just starting out?

“$25-$50 per post when I post about a product which is like awesome,” said Jay.

If they’re not making money, some moms blog get an experience or product for free.

“It’s a good time,” said Sterusky.

“Kind of like icing on the cake,” said Jay.

But these moms will tell you, blogging isn’t always easy. There are times when they face challenges.

“It’s hard to find the time to do it, you have to come up with ideas,” said Plant. “It’s a business.”

“You have to be really passionate about it,” said Harding.

But if you work hard, the sky’s the limit.

“Absolutely,” said Plant.

If you like writing, connecting and sharing your story, you could be the next mommy blogger.

Reach out to any of these bloggers for tips and to get your creative juices flowing: