BRADENTON, Fla. -- Now that your taxes are done - how are you going to spend that money?

We were talking about some things we'd spend it on, but no one said the most popular thing: plastic surgery.

A new survey says that's how more than a third of Americans will spend some, or all of their refund.

It's no surprise, in 2016 Americans spent $16 billion to beautify themselves and that's more than ever before.

So who’s doing this?

“I’m here since I’ve gotten older my neck has extra skin,” says Lakesha Dean-Kraft. The 42-year-old mother of two is no stranger to plastic surgery.

Dean-Kraft says, “I had my breast augmented, lost fullness after having children and I had fat taken from here and here and put here so I had more fullness in back give me more shape.”

Dean-Kraft says she now has more confidence wearing a bathing suit. She says,”I used to try and cover areas more … now like the way I look in profile with clothes more shape.”

Dr. Melinda Lacerna says she sees more patients like Dean-Kraft this time of year -- tax season!

“Sometimes they say I’m getting a good tax refund it’s between my kitchen remodel or body rejuvenation. They choose surgery. I think it’s become more mainstream a lot of people see it on TV part of American life.”

Millenials are one of Lacerna’s fastest-growing group of customers. She says they usually choose fillers and Botox.

Lacerna says, “They take a lot of selfies they become more conscious of their facial profile on selfies. A lot get chin augmentation, nose augmentation, lip augmentation to improve their profile in a selfie.”

Plastic surgery, has it become more affordable says Lacerna as products Yes it has become more affordable as products become more commonplace.

Lacerna says, “No. 1 liposuction and with that body countering, Brazilian butt lift and breast augmentation and do a lot of mommy makeovers which is breast augmentation or lift, lipo tummy or tummy tuck.”

Lacerna’s best advice, “My best advice start with the feature you want to improve the most.”

“I think you have to love yourself before you do plastic surgery then you’ll love yourself even more,” says Dean-Kraft.

Lacerna says she doesn’t need surgery but noninvasive injectable treatment to melt the fat in her neck.

“I counsel them to make the best version of yourself, not somebody else. It’s important for me to give them natural results,” says Lacerna.

Lakesha adds, “You want people to look at you go hmmm … what does she have done … sun, fun in Florida.”

Lacerna says when picking a plastic surgeon make sure they are plastic surgery board certified.