Morehouse College's athletic director was left sweaty and wearing nothing but gym shorts after a Craigslist meet-up turned into an armed robbery.

An investigator was dispatched to the 600 block of Lees Mill Road for reports of a person with no shirt or shoes that was ringing on the doorbell and yelling for someone to call 911.

When they arrived to the residence, they made contact with Andre Pattillo. According to the deputy, Pattillo was "very sweaty, out of breath and only wearing gym shorts."

The deputy invited Pattillo to come sit in the back of his cruiser in order to catch his breath before telling him what had transpired.

Pattillo told the deputy that he had invited a woman off of Craigslist to come to his home. He sent an Uber to go get her and once she arrived to his home, they began to drink together.

He explained that she was on the phone the whole time she since she was there and he proceeded to go lay down on his bed. Once he had laid down, he noticed the front door was open.

Pattillo asked the woman why the front door was open and she explained that she had gone out and forgotten to close it again.

The victim then went back into his room and intended to lay down on his bed but as he was laying down, a male suspect entered his room and pointed a gun at him and instructed Pattillo to get on the ground.

The woman came into the bedroom and Pattillo heard her say, "Baby I'm sorry. I just needed some money for my kids."

While the two suspects started taking things from the home, Pattillo made a run for the door and into the woods near his home. He could hear, as he was running out the door, "Baby, he is getting away."

He then proceeded to another residence and asked the woman who lived there to call 911.

Pattillo recalled hearing a second male's voice inside the home but never saw them.

Additional deputies were dispatched to the scene and made contact with a witness who said she had seen two, young light skinned, black males run into the woods as she was taking out her trash.

She said that one had a book bag and both of them were carrying items but was unable to make out what they were. She then saw a black Jeep Cherokee pull up and both men got inside and then sped off.

The suspects got away with a phone, a bank card, a laptop and a Glock 9mm.

Authorities have not identified the suspects, and no arrests have been made.

When reached by 11Alive at Morehouse, Pattillo said he had no comment on the incident.

According to Morehouse College's website, Pattillo has been the school's athletic director since July 2000. He was a pitcher at the school in the late 70s and played two years of professional baseball in the Atlanta Braves minor league system, according to his bio.