LIKELY, B.C. - Hilarious pictures of a pink painted horse have surfaced online after a 15-year-old teenager in the British Columbia Interior misunderstood what his mother asked of him.

Rosy, a white-and-brown adult mare is one of two horses that the Sharkey family keeps on their hobby farm in the Canadian province. Worried that a summer wildfire could require the horses to be released temporarily, the Sharkey's thought getting contact information on the horses would be a good idea.

Jacob Sharkey reportedly was asked by his mother to paint their home's phone number on the 19-year-old horse for just that reason. Only, he didn't quite understand his instructions.

In an interview Tuesday with a few local reporters, Jacob said, "I thought she told me to just spray paint the entire horse to make it visible, so that way, if we had to let them go, people could find them."

The entire process of coating the horse in the neon-colored pink paint took about 20 minutes according to Jacob.

Canada has experienced wildfires again this year in the more forested areas of British Columbia. Thankfully so far, wildfires this year have stayed away from the Sharkey's farm.

The teenager was able to joke about the typical mother-son miscommunication. "[Rosy's] so old so she doesn't really give a [care] anymore, other than just eating."

Jacob is still scrubbing he remnants of his mistake off of poor Rosy.