Every family has a story. Every person has a journey.

But few are like the one Lorin Mills has been on.

"It's mind boggling. It's so big. It's beyond me. It's huge," she said. "And I'm proud of it. I'm proud of my story."

Her story begins in California when she was adopted out of the foster care system in 1978. Mills didn't know much about her biological parents.

"I always wanted to know where I came from," Mills said. "That was really important to me and family is huge for me."

On the other side of the country, Donna Immekus was growing up in Pennsylvania. Like Mills, she didn't know her parents.

"My mom, I think, had tried to reach out potentially once because I was taken away from her," she said.

The two women's paths were eerily similar.

"Our lives are very parallel," Immekus said. "We got married the same year. We both had a tragic loss in our lives around the same time."

And they look just like each other.

What they didn't know for 32 years -- they were sisters.

"I said, 'What?! I have a sister,'" said Immekus. "I think I had a full blown panic attack."

Four years ago, they met for the first time.

"It was absolutely beautiful and amazing," Mills said.

Their bond was born not built and their connection was instant, even after all those years apart.

"That DNA footprint, that stamp is stamped hard and strong," said Immekus. "Lorin and I felt that connection immediately."

But that's not the only twist in their story.

Recently, Immekus and Mills flew into Sky Harbor to see each other and meet someone else -- their brother John.

After years of searching, Mills found him this year.

"It blows my mind," she said. "I'm done searching."

Their brother was also adopted. Raised in Vermont, John now lives in the Valley and teaches at a high school.

"An hour ago, I was dancing in my living room," John said. "I am just so excited for this."

After more than three decades apart, the three siblings were finally reunited.

What was missing for so long, now is found for these three.

"There are no words to describe how I feel," said John. "This is a new emotion for me."

Every family has a story. None are perfect and few come without problems.

For this family, what time stole love will overcome.