LOUISVILLE, Ky. -- After a Kentucky pizza delivery driver was gunned down, a pizza company is making sure the company’s drivers feel as safe as possible.

“I've never run into any trouble, but it always pops up every couple of years,” said Josh Scouten of Spinelli's Pizzeria.

He’s been delivering pizzas for about 8 years, but it was in 2015 when a driver was killed in Lexington, Kentucky, that he decided to get his license to carry.

“It's not going to protect everybody out there, but they may just rob the next guy instead of me,” Scouten explained.

On Monday night, a Papa John’s delivery driver was shot in South Louisville and sent to the hospital where he is in stable condition. It’s an incident Kentuckiana has seen before.

Just last year, a Papa John's driver was robbed in Jeffersonville, and the year before that, a Spinelli’s driver was carjacked and stabbed.

Scouten works at Spinelli’s in downtown Louisville, where they allow drivers with a license to carry to have their guns with them. Scouten says it makes him feel safer.

“If somebody's out there to rob somebody, they're going to rob somebody. They need the money, they're going to do it for a reason, I just don't want it to be me.”

Spinelli's also has a cash policy to make their drivers less of a target. After 10 p.m. there are no cash orders allowed.

“It's all cards, no money on the drivers,” Scouten explained.

Scouten told 11Alive sister station WHAS he won't stop driving because of recent events, but he stays aware of his surroundings.

“You gotta be smart. It's not that dangerous of a job, stuff happens, but you're more likely to get in a car wreck than you are to get robbed.”

WHAS also spoke to Scouten’s manager, Aaron Schonbachler who reiterated their gun policy, explaining that as long as drivers are abiding by state gun laws, they can carry if it makes them feel safe. The gun can be on their hip, or left in the driver’s car.