Former major league slugger Darryl Strawberry’s struggles with drug addiction have been well-documented, although he opened up on The Dr. Oz Show about his sexual addiction that led him to have relations between innings of games.

“It was a pretty crazy lifestyle, you know,” Strawberry said in the interview that runs on Thursday’s show. “All addictions have to do with behavior.”

Strawberry, 55, played 17 seasons in the majors with the New York Mets, Los Angeles Dodgers and New York Yankees. He said coaches and teammates “covered” for him as he had sex during games.

“They were pretty cool,” Strawberry said.

Oz told Strawberry his coaches and teammates were enabling his behavior.

Oz also asked if Strawberry had reached out to Lamar Odom, the former NBA player who admitted earlier this year that he was addicted to cocaine. A 2015 drug binge left Odom in a coma in 2015.

“I reached out a couple of times,” said Strawberry, who runs two drug treatment centers in Florida. “Tried to reach him, and, and, just to encourage him that his, his life matters, you know, no matter what he's going through.”