The city of Dublin has new developments underway in the downtown area.

On Jackson Street, the city plans to use $2.5 million in SPLOST money to fund the Jackson Street Plaza and add new parking to the area

Dublin City Engineer Matthew Bradshaw says, “We're spending about two and a half million dollars on the public side and we expect probably triple that amount going on in the addition of restaurants, luxury condos, and future luxury and retail space,” says Bradshaw.

The total area of the downtown development is 78,000 square feet.

The plaza is 26,000 square feet, and the parking area is 52,000 square feet.

The plaza will include seating, benches, swings, wooden decks trees, fountains, splash pads and more.

Jarred Lord lived in the Dublin for more than 20 years and thinks the downtown is doing better than ever before.

He works just feet away from the new downtown development.

“It's going to make it look nicer. It's been looking like a lot for a minute so I'm excited for them to get working on it,” says Lord.

The parking area will add about 80 more parking spaces and next to the plaza is private development construction of about 20 new condos.

“It's going to take some time, it's going to be a good change for downtown Dublin,” says Bradshaw.

Local businesses say this is an added bonus.

“I think doing something like that in the downtown area will definitely boost revenue for sure,” said Lord.

The plaza is expected to be completed by the end of 2018.