MARIETTA, Ga – Police issued a warning on Monday that the recent opioid drug epidemic is now a danger to the general public.

“There is an increasing amount of Fentanyl and Carfentanil recently showing up across America and it is now causing concern that residue inadvertently left behind in places later accessed by the public may cause accidental exposures and potential overdoses of unsuspecting victims,” said the Marietta police department in a statement.

“Places like hotel rooms, rest rooms, vacant apartments, or rental vehicles containing Fentanyl residue creates a serious hazard for unsuspecting citizens or maintenance personnel who may accidentally touch or inhale it.”

A cluster of fake Percocets have already killed several people and put dozens into the hospital.

Earlier this month, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation's crime lab said that initial tests indicated that the fake yellow pills that read "Percocet" are a mixture of two synthetic opioids. One of the drugs is consistent with fentanyl analogue. The GBI aid Fentanyl analogue had not previously been identified by their lab.

“The opioid drug epidemic started with the abuse of pain medications and rapidly progressed to highly addictive heroin,” said police. “It then progressed to heroin mixed with a much more potent drug called Fentanyl and on to the most potent illegal drug on the streets today, Carfentanil.

“Fentanyl alone is so potent that merely touching or inhaling tiny amounts, as small as a grain of salt, can cause a person to suffer an immediate drug overdose.”