ATLANTA -- Loved ones are reuniting after a fatal bus crash in south Fulton County and one family said goodbye.

Family members confirmed that Sarah Harmening was the passenger who lost her life in a tragic church bus accident on Camp Creek Pkwy.

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Harnering was one of several on a bus carrying students on their way to the airport for a mission trip to Botswana. The bus somehow rolled over on Camp Creek Parkway killing her and injuring dozens more.

The passengers were mostly 11th- and 12th-grade high school students from Mount Zion Baptist Church in Huntsville, Ala. They were taken to several metro-area hospitals and are listed in various conditions.

Atlanta Medical Center's South campus in East Point took in 15 patients. All of them are expected to be treated and released.

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Hospital officials said it was an emotional day for them as families kept pouring in wanting to know the status of their loved ones.

It was just after 4 p.m., when the church bus somehow overturned on Camp Creek Parkway near Merk Road. The bus appeared to roll over onto a passenger vehicle. Emergency crews rushed to the scene as three dozen people were taken to different hospitals.

At Grady Memorial Hospital downtown, officials there said they are treating four patients in critical condition. Over at Atlanta Medical Center’s downtown campus, there are six patients that are severely injured.

11Alive spoke with one couple who said their niece was involved in the wreck and they hurried to the hospital to be by her side.

“All I know is she’s got a head injury, maybe a broken bone or two. I’m not real sure if she’s critical or what,” the victim's aunt Glenda Roberson said.

They're worried and understandably so according to Daniel Jackson with Atlanta Medical Center South.

“The students and the patients were shaken by the incident," Daniel Jackson with Atlanta Medical Center South said. "The chaplains were here to comfort them and their families. Assure them that people were here to support them.”

Meanwhile, other family members are trying to find the reason and the good in a bad situation.

“When bad stuff happens, we all want to question why," Lance Roberson said. "But I don’t really think that’s for us to question why. We know things happen for a reason so we’re gonna find the good. And there’s gonna be some good out of this.”

The National Transportation Safety Board has now taken over this investigation.