These days, cell phone cameras are so high tech, people are using them instead of photographers.

It's a new trend, and it's all about saving hundreds of dollars, and not bothering with the professionals.

Many people are ditching the pricey photographers and turning to iPhoneography, where you just use your phone to get professional like pictures.

Recently, the Billboard magazine cover featuring Camila Cabello was shot using the portraitmMode on Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus.

Photographer Casper Yen says with the iPhone taking such crisp photos, some clients don't feel the need spend hundreds of dollars for the real deal.

“The thing is that you’re not just paying for the photographer to take a button but you're also paying for the experience and the knowledge they have,” says Yen.

However, others like Christopher Rokosz are cashing in on the cell phone camera takeover.

Rokosz waved bye-bye to his professional equipment a decade ago and started his company called The Pocket Producer, where he teaches people how to take million dollar photos with their phone.

“The demand for content is so high. Before you could take some corporate pictures every year. Now, you must have them every day, if you want to play the social game,” says Rokosz.

While Yen has paid thousands of dollars for his equipment, he feels the craft of photography will never die out. Instead, they will adapt.

So why does it cost hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars to hire a photographer?

It's mostly because of the equipment.

  • A primary camera can cost $3,500.
  • A backup, $1,500.
  • And the flash, lights and batteries, is $800.
  • Plus, you have to add in all of the professional editing tools.

So while hiring a photographer will cost you, they'll be using some of the best tools in the business to snap the perfect pictures.