COBB COUNTY, Ga. -- A woman was arrested for allegedly leaving her dog in a car with the windows up while she went to the mall this past Thursday.

Police said Dominique Brown, 24, left her 5-year-old Yorkie dog, Kingston, locked inside of her Nissan Versa as the car sat in front of a Buffalo Wild Wings. Officers responded at 2:45 p.m. to find the dog inside of the car, panting heavily.

Brown parked the car under a tree -- turned off -- and left all four windows cracked. No food or water was in the car. The outside temperature had reached 91 degrees.

One of the responding officers used his baton to open the driver's side door by sliding it through the partially opened window's 1 inch valley, pressing the unlock button. The officer put the dog inside of his squad car with the air blasting. Kingston's heavy panting subsided after a few minutes.

When the officer took the temperatures of the Nissan, the front dash was at 92 degrees, while the area where the dog was sitting reached 100 degrees. The back of the vehicle was a staggering 148 degrees. He averaged it out to 113 degrees.

Brown returned to her car at 3:30 p.m. telling officers she went inside of the restaurant to eat. When asked why she left the dog in the car, Brown reasoned, "I guess I should have ordered my food and then came back to the car to sit with him."

Brown was placed under arrest for Cruelty to Animals.