We all have the Facebook friends that post crazy political stories and psots about one presidential candidate or another. If it gets out of hand or offends you because you are voting for the person they are against, maybe you hide their posts from your feed or even delete them as a Facebook friend. But some people aren’t just unfriending each other on Facebook-- but in real life.

The phenomenon is reflected in a new poll conducted by the independent Monmouth University Polling Institute. They asked potential voters how they feel about this year’s White House showdown between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Director Patrick Murray says first and foremost, a vast majority of Americans are fed up with this year’s White House race.

Seven percent of those polled went so far as to admit that they’ve lost or ended a friendship due to intense disagreements about who should be our next president.

The poll showed that 70 percent of respondents feel the Clinton-Trump showdown has brought out the worst in everyone involved.

“That may be the only thing that they can agree on,” Murray says. “That this just does look good – for any of us.”