HOUSTON - Neither of the two top presidential contenders are loved by millennial voters.

In fact, a new poll finds many of them would rather be struck by a meteor than see Clinton or Trump win the White House. A “Giant Meteor 2016” bumper sticker is even trending.

“The whole political process has been ridiculous this year,” said millennial voter Kevin Babin. Babin and his baby boomer mother, Patricia Hattenbach, voted together.

“It’s a crazy race,” said Hattenbach. She’s supporting Clinton while her son voted third party.

“I was a Bernie supporter,” said Babin. So, I was a little disappointed when he dropped out and Clinton got the nomination.”

According to a survey by the Harvard Institute of Politics taken since the last debate, 49% of millennials ages 18 to 29 definitely plan on voting. That’s slightly up from 2012.

49% plan to vote for Clinton, while just 21% say Trump. Gary Johnson and Jill Stein round out the survey with 14% and 5%, respectively.

We couldn’t find a single millennial outside a Southeast Houston polling place who said Clinton was their first choice.

“Cause they both suck,” said one voter.

“Right now I’m debating either the libertarian or go ahead and vote for Clinton,” said millennial voter Stefan Garza. “It’s just bad across the board.”

Babin’s mother may have the best outlook, regardless of generation. “There’s enough support and checks and balances that I have faith in our government in that aspect,” said Hattenbach.

Polling says Hillary Clinton would be President if only millennials voted. But Trump would be the clear winner if the only the votes of those 65 and older counted.