Authorities in a south Georgia college town are on the lookout for a thief with a taste for danger - and hamburgers.

Georgia Southern University's George-Anne student newspaper shared a Twitter video on Thursday that caught this criminal in action. But it may not have been exactly what many expected.

Dubbed "The Statesboro Sandwich Snatcher" by the newspaper, the video shows a raccoon actually approaching a picnic table outside the College of Business Administration (COBA) building.

Showing no fear, this masked bandit jumps onto the table and, without even looking at the student sitting in front of him, sticks his furry face into the sandwich wrapper.

The clearly surprised student grabs the wrapper, perhaps to save what's left of his now partially eaten food. But it doesn't work out. The two become embroiled in a brief tug-of-war and in a moment not unlike that between David and Goliath, the raccoon wins against his larger foe - and runs away with sandwich in-mouth.

To perhaps no one's surprise, there was laughter off camera.

The George-Anne spoke to Brandon Williams, a junior logistics and marketing major at the university. He told the student paper he was leaving his class at a nearby building when he saw a small crowd growing near the business administration building.

He moved closer to find what everyone was looking at. It was a raccoon creeping around the picnic table. The rest will now likely live on in social media animal humor history - a surprisingly popular sector of the internet that also includes the cat videos you were previously watching.

It's OK, we aren't judging you. And no one's blaming this raccoon for wanting a quick bite to eat. But they are asking students to be on the lookout - and report any other cases of food stolen by medium-sized mammals.

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