ATLANTA -- An entire front-row of season ticket holders at SunTrust Park, the Atlanta Braves' new stadium, were forced to find new seats because they couldn't see the field at all.

It was the front row of section 37, which is along the left field line. The tarp was rolled up and in its spot along the third base wall. The tarp completely obstructed the view of the field other than the top of a few baseball caps.

Matthew Preston was sitting in the section. He borrowed the season tickets from his uncle, who was sick. 

"With this gone, it'd be fun," Preston told 11Alive. "I can't relax."

To see anything, Preston would have to crane his neck and still not all of the field would be visible. Preston said he texted his uncle about the issue. Preston was told by an usher that the Braves were aware of the issue and that it would be fixed by opening day. 

If not:

"That's not going to be good," adding his uncle would probably have to rethink his ticket choice. 

In the meantime, Preston and the rest of the front row could sit anywhere they wanted. They moved a couple rows back. They said the whole row had been filled prior.

Another season ticket holder on the row has already requested new season tickets. She was moved multiple times because, after the Braves moved her, her new seats ended up being someone else's seats. She said the Braves said they would settle the issue of finding her new seats beginning on Monday.

11Alive reached out to the Braves for a statement, who said they are still "working out some kinks that come with opening a new ballpark," which is partly why they had the exhibition game for their A-List Members.

The team said overall, "It's been a great night at SunTrust Park and the response has been overwhelmingly positive."

The Braves said they will "address the issues that came to light and look forward to having everyone back on Opening Day."

Friday's game was an exhibition game against the New York Yankees. The team's regular season opener at SunTrust Park is April 14 against the San Diego Padres.

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