A Hall County Sheriff's Deputy is waiting for his blood tests to come back after being stuck with a needle during a traffic stop.

The suspects were pulled over along Jessee Jewell Blvd. in Hall County on Thursday for having an expired tag and a broken tail light.

The driver, Larry Bell, 56, and passenger William Scroggs, 49, were found to have hydrocodone and methamphetamine in their possession.

According to the Hall County Sheriff's Office, protocol is to ask any suspect before searching them whether they have anything in their pockets that might cut or stick them such as knives, needles, etc.

While searching Scroggs the deputy was stuck by a needle that investigators believed had meth inside. Per procedure, the deputy reported to the ER to have blood drawn and other tests.

He will report back again for more tests to make sure he didn't acquire hepatitis, HIV, or other illnesses.

Bell is facing drug charges as well as driving with an expired registration, and a tail light violation.

Scroggs was charged with drug possession as well as obstruction of officers and reckless conduct because of the needle.

They are both being held on bond at the Hall County Jail.