December 26 is typically the busiest day of the year to return holiday gifts.

The National Retail Foundation says nearly two-thirds of holiday shoppers had to return at least one item last year.

Gabrielle Dawkins talked to a retailer and a shopper, and found out that holiday returns do not carry the same procedure at every store.

Leah Marie Stevens walked into Karats and Keepsakes Boutique in Macon for the first time today to return an item.

"It's a beautiful shirt that just didn't quite fit right," said Stevens. "We returned it and got a few other things and it was very simple."

She said that the process was quick.

CBS reports that total retail sales this holiday season totaled around $598 billion, which is a $33 billion increase from last year.

Karats and Keepsakes owner Julie Evans says they saw a boom in business during the holidays.

"November and December are of course our biggest months of the year," said Evans.

But she says their return process is a strict one they've stuck with for 30 years.

"We don't refund, but we'll be happy to exchange. Now if you buy it on sale, then it's yours. We don't accept exchanges on that,” said Evans

Although they have an online shopping site, they say most of their business comes from walk-ins.

"We're definitely an in store business. We're definitely brick and mortar. Our customers love to come in and try the product on, feel the product, touch it and make sure that it fits them," said Evans.

But is there a stigma that comes with returning an item that you received from someone you love?

Stevens says no.

"It's not…you know if it doesn't fit and you're not going to wear it, what's the point of the gift? You want something that you're actually going to use and wear," said Stevens.

The Better Business Bureau has tips on increasing your chances of returning a holiday gift.

They urge you to save your receipts, keep the original packaging, don't return used items and know the store's return policy before you buy.