A Boise State student is finally out of the hospital after she spent two days in Saint Alphonsus recovering after someone jumped on her from a bridge while she was floating the Boise River.

The family says it happened Sunday night when a man jumped off the Baybrook Bridge and landed right on top of 19-year-old Cienna Cook.

“She didn't see it at all. It wasn't until she was under water she realized what happened,” Cienna’s mother, Heidi Cook, said.

Caught by surprise, a fun day on the river turned into a scary situation for Cienna.

“Caused the inner tube to pop. She was helpless because this was a really, really heavy impact,” Heidi said. “She had a lot of internal bruising, but more seriously she had some internal bleeding.”

Sunday night, Cienna was floating with her boyfriend when they got separated near the Baybrook Bridge. That’s when Heidi tells KTVB a man who may have weighed about 250 pounds jumped off the bridge and landed right on top of her daughter, 25 feet below.

“According to some witnesses there that had overheard them, they were trying to jump into the water as close to people coming down as possible,” Heidi said.

It’s an impact that left Cienna floating helplessly down the river.

“Floating down the river, literally drowning. Unable to move. Unable to do anything to help herself. Luckily, one of the, what we assume was one of that guy's friends, rushed off the bridge and essentially jumped in and rescued her,” Heidi said.

Heidi tells KTVB once her daughter was taken to shore the whole group took off.

“The guy who jumped on her actually left the scene. He didn't do anything to help her when he was in the water, he did nothing to help her after the water. It was kind of like a hit and run,” Heidi said.

Cienna was taken by ambulance to St. Luke’s and then to Saint Alphonsus, where she was battling internal bleeding.

“It's extremely fortunate it didn't rupture any organs or break anything,” Heidi said.

According to Boise city code, people can receive up to a $100 citation for jumping closer than 50 feet to any boaters. The Boise Police Department says depending on the circumstances, a jumper could face additional charges. A spokesperson for the department tells KTVB in this case, no charges have been filed and no suspects have been identified.

The family is asking anyone who saw the incident or the aftermath when the jumper left the scene to come forward.

“He's some responsibility there. I would like to see him come forward and do the right thing,” Heidi said.

The Cook family also wants to spread awareness that this can happen to anyone.

“If people can take the time to just even look up,” Heidi said.

The Boise Fire Department also asking people to respect one another when recreating on the Boise River.

“Safety, respect, flotation device, a life jacket, and good judgment is really the success to having a great time on the Boise River, whether you’re a floater, or a jumper, or just somebody walking along the river,” Boise Fire Department Division Chief Paul Roberts said.

The family has set up a GoFundMe account to help with Cienna's medical expenses.