Sure, it's repulsive to a pet loving nation like the U.S., but consuming dog and cat meat has a long history in Asia.

But now, for the first time, a law in Taiwan says that eating those animals is illegal.

Taiwan's Animal Protection Act amendment passed its third reading in the legislative house Tuesday, which means that once signed, those who eat or trade in dog or cat meat in the island nation will be fined between $1,640 to $8,200, according to CNN.

The amendment also bans intentional acts of abuse, which is described as causing "severe physical pain or suffering and causing severe physical injury to vital organs," reports.

Those involved in selling, purchasing, or possessing canine or feline meat will also be punished, facing not only fines, but also public shaming by showing the offenders photo accompanied by their name and their criminal history.

Wang Yu Min, a legislator and sponsor of the bill calls the measure "a significant milestone for Taiwan to become and animal-friendly nation," the Taiwan News wrote.