The bond between an East Tennessee father and son is about to grow stronger through a kidney transplant.

Liam Addis' parents, Mitch and Sarah, refer to him as their "miracle baby" after using IVF to get pregnant.

During pregnancy, doctors told Sarah that Liam had problems with his kidney, bladder and lungs. Doctors said it was unlikely he would survive.

"To have been praying for this and anticipating being parents for so long and then to finally get pregnant and to find out something was wrong with our baby, was devastating," Sarah said.

Sarah had Liam slightly premature at 35 weeks, and he spent two months in the NICU at East Tennessee Children's Hospital.

Now, Liam is an energetic 3-year-old that loves to play, but on the inside he is fighting stage four kidney disease.

"They call him the Energizer Bunny at day care," Sarah said. "He just keeps going and going and going."

His parents thought they might be able to wait until he was a pre-teen for a kidney transplant, but Liam needs one sooner.

His dad, Mitch, immediately stepped up to offer one of his kidneys.

"There was never any doubt at all or any question would I do it," Mitch said.

The family will head to Cincinnati on Sunday, and the transplant will be done on Tuesday.

Liam doesn't know much about the procedure ahead except that he is getting one of his dad's kidneys.

His parents hope that this surgery will free Liam from some of the daily struggles he goes through and allow him to live a more carefree life.

"I can only hope that he'll understand one day, you know, a father's love I guess," Mitch said, "...and how miracles do happen. You just have to believe in them."